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Author and Adventist pillar Mrs. Ellen White wrote that the work of education and the work of redemption are one. The same conviction propelled the EIS leadership team to host this year’s pre-session with the theme Education is Mission. 

The annual gathering that officially marked the opening of the school year started with the words of God through the Campus Ministry Chaplains. Professional development and training were in place to prepare the teachers and staff for a unique new normal school year. Dr. Stuart Towns of the King Mongkut University of Technology was the invited resource speaker on instructional design, and his emphasis was pedagogy, technology, and content that ignited everyone’s creativity and cooperation.

“As you start your mission in EIS, I pray that godlikeness and godliness will be your guiding force and motivation,” conveyed Pastor Arnold Galvo during one of the virtual mornings worships. Director Prachack Jitbunyad echoed the same when he addressed the faculty who were seated a meter apart and the staff through a live stream, highly encouraging every one of the purpose and mission of EIS as an Adventist Christian school. “We are to become light of the earth, following the example of Christ. The road may not be easy for each of us, especially that we are entering a different school year where we are required to observed several rules to ensure that everyone is safe,” Mr. Prachack conveyed. “Your cooperation, prayer, and support will help us get through this, and we are going through this together as a family,” he concluded.

Two of the highlights of this 3-day pre-school days session are the dedication service, and the groundbreaking ceremony led by Pastor Niratisai Aipan, president of the Thailand Adventist Mission and ministers from other churches. They offered prayers of consecration and blessings for all the employees of Ekamai International as well as prayers of protection and provision for the ongoing construction of building four or the cafeteria building. The ministers who graced the dedication service were: Pastor Luesak Yangkullawat, TAM Executive Secretary; Samart Wongnaphaphaisan, Sabbath School/Personal Ministry/Stewardship Director; Pada Tarasapanan, Ministerial Director; Cris Tawmonggood, Youth/Communications/Public Affairs Director; Pastor Karlo Diel, Church Pastor of Bangkok International Church; and Pastor Kharom Promutit, Church Pastor of Thai SDA Church. 

Pastor Somchai Chuemjit, President of the Southeast Asia Union Mission and an alumnus of EIS, encouraged everyone to embrace change with the guidance and grace of God. “For me, this school is very, very special. When I was here, there were only four buildings. Coming back, a lot has changed. You have twelve buildings and about to construct building four from the ground up,” he said. Pastor Chuemjit further conveyed that as an educator, the teachers of EIS is in a significant position to shape the holistic being of the students. “When you chose to serve here in EIS, you chose to accept the EIS purpose, which is to empower, inspire, and serve. As you rededicate your life here, let us praise God and embrace change,” he concluded.   

The sessions’ theme song was both a challenge and an encouragement, and the lyrics were a call to action as each continues to serve. “Here am I, I will go. I will reach the lost untold. I will give the Lord the control. I will tell them of the crimson flow.”

Welcome to the school year 2020-2021, everyone! 

By: Evangeline Tan-Alvez

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