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Education begins at home. It is in the home that the learning of each child begins. This place is his first school with his parents as teachers. We desire that every student is safe and could learn to their best potential while in school.

On November 12, 2020, parents’ representatives from different sections together with the leadership team and department heads came for a Parent Council of Ekamai International School (PCEIS) meeting in Room 313. The agenda includes WASC updates, construction progress and reminders, student activities, and the open forum.

“On behalf of EIS, I thank all the parents and sponsors for your support to the school. Together, we really can make a difference. It is our prayer that all parents will cooperate and support the future projects of PCEIS,” Ms. Sarita Arora, Principal for Student Administration remarked to start the meeting.

“EIS has a high advantage when it comes to English. Let us continue to help our children and encourage them to read and write more in English. One way is by reading along with your child at home with the books provided,” a parent shared: Aside from the positive feedback the parents have brought, some of them also collectively mentioned some areas that need attention for the school to improve. Another parent with 3 children studying in school said that her children commented that “we are so lucky because our teachers in EIS are so kind.”

Ellen G. White wrote in The Adventist Home, p. 290.2, “It is the precious privilege of teachers and parents to co-operate in teaching the children how to drink in the gladness of Christ’s life by learning to follow His example. The Savior’s early years were useful years. He was His mother’s helper in the home, and He was just as verily fulfilling His commission when performing the duties of the home and working at the carpenter’s bench as when He engaged in His public work of ministry.”

The objectives of the Parent Council of Ekamai International School are:

  1.     To advance the cause of Christian Education in the home, school, and the community in particular.
  2.     To promote communication and understanding between parents, teachers, and administration.
  3.     To provide an organization through which parents can help meet the needs of EIS.
  4.     To promote a positive school environment and relationship between parents, teachers, and students.
  5.     To initiate and support, financially and otherwise, activities, projects, and programs of an educational and or social nature.
  6.     To provide services, programs, and raise funds in support of scholastic pursuits and extracurricular activities of the students.

Ekamai International School believes, promotes and advances the holistic and harmonious development of the physical, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions of human nature.

Last year, due to the poor quality of the surroundings, EIS fully supported the “Clean Air” fund-raising initiative of our parents’ representatives and installed 115 air purifiers in all classrooms and indoor facilities as of October 16, 2019, with the total contribution of 604,476 baht.

The meeting concluded with a picture taking right after the closing prayer by Mr. Prachack Jitbunyad, EIS Director.

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