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Ninety-one seniors were presented today to the academic principal after satisfactorily fulfilling all requirements set forth by the Ministry of Education.  In an auspicious but unique way of celebrating, only the Juniors were invited to witness this occasion due to covid restrictions. Seniors in masks and gloves held hands with the kindergarten students to march from the student center’s ground floor to the third-floor activity area where primary school students cheered.

“At this point of your life, most of your will probably experience setback like failing a class or two, not getting a high enough SAT score, a crush that did not work out and many others but let not these setbacks weigh you down instead setback, reflect, and analyze what went wrong and how you can avoid the same mistakes in the future,” Mrs. Karen Chew, the keynote speaker conveyed.

Mrs. Chew shared five tips on how to convert setbacks into the opportunity of learning. “Let me share some steps to take in case you are on a setback; first, allow yourself to be disappointed. Scream or cry if you need to because you are allowed to fall apart but not for too long. Gather yourself as soon as you can. Keep in mind that bad times won’t last forever, and there will always be a chance to start fresh the next day. Secondly, stop worrying. Be open to change. Instead of complaining, take action, and do something. Focus on treating the setback as a learning experience. Thirdly, be educated. Keep a journal by evaluating and listing down the negative and positive points of your situation. Turn to God, and He will listen to you and guide you always. Fourth on the list is looking at failure as something that can lead you to greatness. Recognize that when your goal is not accomplished, it is not a mishap but rather an opportunity for something greater. Rejection could open doors that are more suitable and fulfilling for you. Trust in God because He has better plans for you. Lastly, when you cannot change your setback, let it go. Be honest and realistic about your situation, and instead of holding on to unhappy thoughts, let go and relax,” she said. Mrs. Chew ended with a motivational line, “Your aim is to have an authentic mindset. When you are faced with setbacks in life, do not let it hold you back but instead push yourself forward”.

Worapitcha Jaksomsak, the grade president and other grade officers, presented a gift of appreciation to the keynote speaker and the seniors collectively sang an original composition from Chatapat Chaipamorn. The class song centered on their journey, memories, and how each member of the class of 2021 should overcome setbacks.

By Evangeline Tan-Alvez

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