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Privacy Notice
For Students and Parents of Ekamai International School

Ekamai International School cares about the data privacy of all members of our community: students and parents. We, therefore, provide this data privacy notice to inform you of our policy concerning the individual (“Data Subject”) following the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562.


    • 1. “Personal data” refers to any information relating to a Person that enables the identification of such Person, whether directly or indirectly, but does not include the information of a deceased person.
    • 2. “Sensitive Personal Data” refers to personal data as specified in Section 26 of the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 and includes any other information that affects the owner of personal data as announced by the Personal Data Protection Committee.
    • 3. “Data subject” refers to the person whom the personal data is about (e.g. student, parent)
    • 4. “Student” refers to those enrolled to study at Ekamai International School at all levels of education, including Thai and international students.
    • 5. “Parent” refers to the father, mother, and those who exercise parental powers for students.
    • 6. “Minor” refers to a student under the age of 20 whose personal data is collected, used, and disclosed by the School.
    • 7. “School or EIS” refers to Ekamai International School.


2. Collection of Personal Data

EIS collects Personal Data and sensitive categories of Personal Data of students and parents to provide a safe and caring international environment for teaching, learning, and general educational purposes. We use the information you provide for purposes that are necessary and required to undertake the performance of the contract you are entering or have entered into and do so as we are required to do by law.

3. Type of Personal Data Processed by EIS

EIS will use lawful and necessary means to collect the following data to fulfill the school’s operational objectives.

  • Personal details: Full name, date of birth, gender, and nationality.
  • Grade level, CGPA, credits earned
  • Education background, academic achievement, year of entry, year of graduation, and withdrawal.
  • ID card photo, student ID number, Thai ID or passport number, birth certificate, and house registration.
  • Contact details: Registered home address, current address, phone number, e-mail address.
  • Financial details: Report fee, registration fee, maintenance fee and retention of student status fee, banking transactions.
  • Third-party information: Family member information, beneficiary information, emergency contact information, and referee contact information.
  • School activity participation information: Event/activity registration information or campaigns, photos at various events.
  • Printed materials like newsletters and the Breeze magazine, with pictures, information, and names of students and parents.
  • Information concerning security: CCTV images, video or audio recordings, visual images, personal appearance, body temperature sensors with face capture, and access to facilities within the school.
  • IT and other information about devices and applications: IP Address, cookies, photos, time of entry, exit, and login information for applications used at school.
  • Sensitive Personal Data: Nationality, religion, criminal record, child safeguarding record, and health record.
  • Other information: Records of communication between the data subject and the school.

4. Sources of Your Personal Data

Generally, EIS receives personal data from the individual directly (including, in the case of students, from their parents). This may be through a form, or simply in the ordinary course of interaction or communication, such as email, enrollment, Line, Plus Portal, website, and online registration.

If any Data Subject could not share Personal Data necessary for EIS to process Personal Data based on the request, EIS will not be able to perform its contractual obligations with such subject matter nor able to comply with legal obligations.

5. The purpose of processing personal data

  • To set up and administer student accounts;
  • To select the student for admission, tests, interviews, and on admission-related matters;
  • To use in the school’s promotional media and development of student activities, teaching, and learning, to create an experience.
  • For public relations, questionnaires, interviews, opinion polls or any service activities with EIS;
  • To protect the health of the students we serve;
  • To communicate and notify news and updates of EIS, as well as other information;
  • To maintain relationships with alumni and the extended EIS community;
  • To carry out any accounting and financial activities, such as notifying and collecting tuition fees or evidence of various transactions required by law;
  • To use in statistical analysis and research, surveys, inspection, and audit;
  • To ensure campus security including video surveillance;
  • To comply with relevant established laws/regulations regarding personal data procession;
  • To organize educational field trips or camps;
  • To be used to announce learning information, and academic results through the school’s communication channels, both online and other formats as specified by the school, to use in tracking and benefiting students;
  • For use in public relations announcements through school communication channels such as the school website, official LINE, facebook, e-mail, and other channels specified by the school;
  • To send information to agencies outside the school as required by law, such as the Office of the Private Education Commission and other government agencies;
  • To respond to requests from former students and parents for information related to their time at EIS including the new school of students who withdraw from EIS.

6. Data Retention Period

EIS will retain your personal information as long as it is deemed necessary for the purpose of data processing. Afterward, EIS will delete and eradicate the aforementioned Personal Data except for any case where it is required to retain the data according to applicable laws stated or for the protection of EIS rights and/or interest.

7. Forwarding and Disclosure of your personal data

EIS will not disclose or transfer your personal data without any legal basis.  Your data may be disclosed or transferred to governmental organizations, governmental bodies or third parties including:

  • Government Authorities: We may share the Personal Data of students to relevant government authorities to fulfill any legal obligations and /or requirements we may have. In case of international students, we may share your information with appropriate government authorities including acting as your sponsor for visa or other facilitation purposes.
  • Partner Schools and Institutions: We may share the Personal Data of students with our partner schools and/or institutions who have collaborated with us for SDA denomination use only.
  • Hospital and Medical Organisation or Personnel: We may share the Personal Data of students with family nurses, doctors or social service organizations where sharing is in the vital interest, or where not sharing could have a negative impact on the individual.
  • Service Providers: We may share the Personal Data to service provider that are necessary for School to deliver the admissions, administration, teaching and learning, pastoral development, students benefits/ social care and child protection services.

8. Transferring or forwarding information to foreign countries

The schools may transmit or transfer personal data abroad. This will ensure that the destination country or the destination authority has adequate privacy standards and policies.

9. Photographs and Videos

Photographs and videos are a key medium through which to record and share everyday life at EIS to the parents, students, the extended EIS community, prospective families, and the general public. EIS uses such media for promotional purposes, including but not limited to: the EIS website, printed publications, electronic newsletters and EIS social media. Photographs and videos are also generated for educational purposes (records of lessons, field trips, sports, events, and staff professional development) by faculty and students and play an important role in the delivery of our teaching and learning program. As members of EIS community, parents and students may be photographed or filmed and these photographs or films are used for promotional or educational purposes.

Photographs or videos used for promotional purposes will not identify individuals by their full names. If individuals are identified by name then this will only be done with prior consent.

10. CCTV

We collect information in the form of camera footage via our CCTV systems to ensure the safety and security of students and parents. We retain these CCTV images for 7 days after which they are deleted unless we need to retain the images for further investigation or law enforcement purposes.

11. Protection of Personal Data

The school will take technical measures and proper management to protect and secure your personal information. It contains encryption for transmitting information over the internet and controls access to your personal information only for those involved. Both in the part of the information stored in the form of documents and electronically.

12. Your rights under the personal data protection Act B.E. 2526

You can exercise your rights under the PDPA as specified below, through the channels prescribed by us at our contact details (see Section 13).

  1. Right to access and obtain a copy of the personal data related to you.
  1. Right to rectification – Request EIS to rectify your inaccurate personal data and to update incomplete personal data related to you.
  2. Right to erasure – Request EIS to delete, destroy or anonymize the personal data unless there are circumstances where we have the legal grounds to reject your request.
  3. Right to restrict – Request EIS to restrict the use of personal data in case when that data is no longer necessary.
  4. Right to withdraw consent – The Data Subject has the right to withdraw consent that has been given to EIS at any time pursuant to the methods and means prescribed by EIS unless the nature of consent does not allow such withdrawal.
  5. Right to object – The Data Subject has the right to object the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal data unless we have legitimate grounds to reject your request.
  6. Right to data portability – In case where it is technically available, you may request to receive your Personal Data in a commonly used or readable by the automatic device or to automatically transfer.

13. How to contact us

If you wish to exercise any of your rights under the PDPA for which we are the data controller, please make your request by emailing our Data Privacy Officer and follow up with a written request with your identification documents at the school as detailed below:

The Data Privacy Officer

Ekamai International School

57 Ekamai 12 (Soi Charoenjai),

Sukhumvit 63 Klongton Nua, Vadhana,

Bangkok 10110, Thailand


Tel:      +66 2 391 3593 Ext: 2050

14. Changes to this Data Privacy Notice

EIS will update this DATA Privacy Notice from time to time. Any substantial changes that affect how we process your personal data will be displayed on our website and sent to you directly when deemed necessary.

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