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Safety & Security


   Visitors, drivers, current employees’ spouses, children, relatives, friends, alumni, and former employees are NOT ALLOWED to enter any EIS building except the main office or by permission of the Administration. They must exchange their ID card with Visitor Pass every time they enter campus at the middle gate (Gate #3).
Drop Off in the Morning:
  • Middle Gate (Gate #3)
  • Building 9 (where the assigned teacher is on duty)
  • Scheduling assignment to be arranged by the section Principal.
  • Supervisors are to escort any late students.
Pick Up in the Afternoon
   Parents, guardians, nannies, and van/personal drivers are not allowed to pick up students from the classrooms. Teachers or Teacher Assistants must be the one to bring students down to the Ground floor of Building 9 at an assigned place for pick up from 2:20-2:35 p.m. and have the person responsible for pick-up sign the attendance sheets at the time of the pick-up (Pre-K to Grade 2). Students from Grade 3-12 are allowed to leave on their own.
After School Activity students
   For after school activities, parents can pick up students before 4:20 p.m. In the case that the parents are not able to pick up their child on time, charges to cover expenses incurred are as follows:
       4:21-5:00 PM – BHT 200/student/day
       5:01-6:00 PM – BHT 300/student/day
      6:01-7:00 PM – BHT 500/student/day 
Tutoring Students
   Tutoring students must be at Snack Bar or Gate #3 to wait for their parents to pick them up after tutoring is done.
Assigned Pick-up Person
   Parents who cannot pick up their kids after school must specifically assign someone to pick up their children. Parents should notify the office who the pick-up person is. ONLY 2 people are allowed to pick up with an EIS PARENT card. (The specific person must have EIS Parent Card, Pictures, Thai ID or Passport, phone number ready for Security and Teachers).


School Van Drivers
  • Must prepare EIS Driver Card, Picture, Thai Citizenship Copy, Phone number, and the number of students who use their services.
  • A list of students assigned to each van driver should be given to each homeroom teacher. This list should include a picture of the van driver as well as his phone number.
Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 3 Students
  • Students from Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 2 are not allowed to leave campus without them being accompanied by a guardian or parent(s).
  • The exit from the car park in Building 9 ground floor (used for drive through for drop-off) will be closed after 08.30 A.M.; only the maintenance workers are allowed to use the exit.
  • Students are not allowed to play at Building 9, 3rd floor at all times except for during PE classes or under the supervision of supervisors.

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