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By: Evangeline Tan-Alvez

Serving others is a heavenly love language. It requires an exemplary and sheer desire to go beyond self and awaken others’ joy and hope. It is what Christ perfectly modeled to us when He came to own our sins and suffering so we can have a brand new start. When small acts of kindness in service are compounded, this world will be heaven on earth.

In its continuing response to serve others, Ekamai International School traveled to the mountains of Chiangmai to share donations and to help the students and teachers of Baan Maemem School, Chaingmai Adventist Academy, and Asian Child Foundation on December 18 to 21, 2022. This annual community service is EIS’s small token of returning God’s blessing to the community.

The EIS community would come together each year to help those in need through gifts, donations, cash, and service. This year, a group of parents, students, and alumni collaborated with the school for an even more expansive way to reach out. Sunida Thirasak, Rachna Pathela, Parichart Shah, Pirada Kongkavitoon, Ruttina Sivaruk Phromsorn, Arisara Ali, Yaowaluck Phonakron, Alisa Khosanunte  successfully organized a three-day outreach mission to Baan Mae Mem, where they spearheaded the murals of the school ground, English camp, and feeding of the local students with sumptuous meals.  Students who came to serve included: Pasu Thirasak Sasinin G4A, Nirin Thirasak Sasinin G2A, Ansh Bhagnani 6D, Avi Bhagnani 10G, Archawin Shah 10D, Woraphol Punthong 10A, Shopan Panakul 10A, Methasith Laochumroonvorapong 10D, Nagon Intrasut 10G, Supranattha Phonakron (Open school G11), Jade Phromsorn (ASB G9), Jorm Phromsorn (ASB G7), Yasmin Ali Tamlikitchai (ASCOT YEAR 9), Pakapon Dejchanint (10A), and Punnathorn Dejchanint (1D)

School Director Ajarn Jarun Damrungkittiyong headed the school delegation on this mission trip and personally handed the donations to the respective beneficiaries. He also initiated and offered prayers to the recipients, primarily non-Christians. He likewise thanked the parents, alumni, and students who came to volunteer and served this unreached community.

“We are grateful to Ekamai International School for consistently helping us with the needs of the students. Your financial donation will help us build the students’ and teachers’ dormitories this year. The students who travel on foot for hours to attend school will no longer do that after completing this project. We are really thankful for your help,” conveyed Mr. Noparat Eakjit, the school director of Baan Meamem.

Ekamai International School conveys gratitude to everyone who found joy in donating, praying, and responding to the call to service.

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