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Pre K! EiEiO! Here we go!

By Mrs. Lei Roque (Pre-K Homeroom)

"To the little child, not yet capable of learning from the printed pages, nature presents an unfailing source of instruction and delight." - EGW Education Ch 10. God in Nature Nature testifies to God's daily miracles. We at EIS believe this with all our hearts. So, the Pre-K class put this into action and went on our first-ever field trip!

This year, the kindergarten department has decided to open doors of opportunity to the youngest
member of the EIS family, the PRE K Class, to learn from nature and experience its beauty
outside of the classroom. The students went to Chul Farm @T77 for their very first field trip.
The place offered just the right amount of excitement and learning opportunities to the very
eager little hands and feet that followed us to four stations. RICE PADDY – it was not the rice
growing season, but this area gave the kids opportunities to observe how the ducks swim and
walk around. They also fed the fish in the pond and learned to share it with the ducks! A little
lesson on sharing!

BUTTERFLY HOUSE – a very timely activity to jumpstart our spring theme lesson. The kids
can observe the butterflies as the insects fly freely. They were given sticks with sweet nectar at
the cotton tip to attract the butterflies to feed. Some bravely touched and held the crawling
caterpillars in their hands. Each Pre-K family ordered a set of caterpillars which the students take
care of in their home and observe the life cycle they learned from school. This is part of our
Nature-Class-Home learning flow.

CHICKEN COOP – this station is a wonderful multi-sensory learning for kids. Each student
collected six eggs from the nesting boxes and brought them home to eat. They also had the
chance to observe and feed the chickens. Seeing their curiosity and willingness to interact with
the farm animals is a joy.

SHEEP and GOAT PEN – this station had the most aggressively hungry farm animals. Still,
seeing how the students did their best to come close to the animals bigger than them was
surprising. They fed the sheep and goats with carrots and grass; some were daring enough to
touch the animals.

Our last but definitely highlight is the smoothie station, where each family can try these pedal-
motion powered blenders. We enjoyed freshly made smoothies that quenched our thirst

As for the very first field trip for Pre-Kindergarten, this was a powerful tool to learn about the
interaction of living things in nature and how each one relies on another for survival. This
ecosystem shows us how God designed the world with love and unity at the core!

Poon’s Mom

We are very excited to be able to do activities with friends. We learned farm activities such as
growing vegetables and feeding the animals. What the kids were most excited about was the
butterfly farm. We learned about the butterfly cycle. That day’s weather was humid, but everyone
looked happy and had fun.

Minion’s Mom

My daughter and friends could learn through nature using the five senses. It’s a good experience
to spend the day with the animals to see their real lives and enjoy many activities outside the

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