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By | Waritsara Chanthadet

The chosen theme for the 2023 Songkran Festival, “Happy Mo Lam Songkran Day,” aims to honor Thai
tradition and culture while promoting values of gratitude and respect. The theme emphasizes the
beauty of Thai Culture and Tradition, particularly through the enchanting Isan Folk Songs used to
express praise and gratitude to the Lord.The activities organized by the Thai Language and Thai Culture
Department of Ekamai International School encourage the participation of the administration team,
teachers, staff, and students in the Songkran festival. By fostering unity and engagement within the
school community, these activities create a lively and inclusive atmosphere.One of the key aspects of
the theme is to inspire students to show gratitude and respect to adults, especially through the
traditional water-pouring ceremony for elders. This tradition serves as a poignant reminder of the
importance of honoring and appreciating those who have contributed to their lives and
education.Moreover, the theme aims to cultivate a deep sense of gratitude for Thai culture among the
students. By showcasing various aspects of Songkran, such as traditions, shows, games, and folk sports,
the event serves as a vivid reminder of Thailand’s rich cultural heritage. It encourages students to
develop a profound appreciation for their own cultural roots and motivates them to preserve and
celebrate Thai traditions.Lastly, the theme also aligns with the mission to spread the gospel in Thailand.
By incorporating hymns and melodies from the Isan Folk Songs, the event echoes the sentiments
expressed in Psalms 98:4-6, which call for joyfully praising the Lord through music. Through their active
participation, students contribute to the larger mission of spreading the gospel and express their
gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon them.In summary, the “Happy Mo Lam Songkran Day” theme
serves multiple purposes. It encourages active engagement in the festival, nurtures gratitude and
respect for adults and Thai culture, and integrates the mission of spreading the gospel. Above all, it
beautifully showcases the richnessand significance of Thai traditions and the enchanting melodies of
Isan Folk Songs.

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