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Virtual Pre-session 

In pursuit of the school’s commitment to integrating service, worship, and Adventist Christian culture into the curriculum and programs, Ekamai International School teachers and staff joined the yearly pre-session on August 3-6, 2021, via zoom. “Even if we are coming back virtually and to a challenging school year, God has led us in the past, and I am confident that He will be with us anew and always in the coming years,” shared School Director Mrs. Saowanee Kiatyanyong in her welcome remarks. Our TAM Officers and Pastors also graced the first day under Pastor Niratisai Aipan, Thailand Adventist Mission President, who especially prayed for our teachers, staff, parents, students, and other stakeholders.

The objective of this program is for the teachers and staff to prepare for the new school year. It was themed “Ready and Willing” with guest speakers Pastor Konis Gabu, Education and Health Director, Southeast Asia Union Mission, Singapore; Dr. Jimmy Jiamah V. Adil Jr., Adventist Mission Director and Adventist-Muslim Relations Coordinator, South Philippine Union Conference of SDAs, Philippines; Dr. Surapee Sorajjakool, EIS Alumna Batch 1976; and Mrs. Ritha Lampadan, Vice President of Academic Administration, Asia Pacific International University, Thailand.

 “Pastor Konis Gabu pointed out that Adventist education is the largest education system in the Protestant school system. It is indeed a blessing from God. The purpose of developing this school is to spread the gospel to those who have not heard the gospel.  As Seventh-day Adventists, we must grasp this goal and make it a priority in our school,” shared Mr. Reynold Abner Gadaun, Elementary School Principal.

“In our humanity, we always have questions to ask, especially if we are asked to go out of our comfort zones. We asked ourselves if it is possible or can we do it, or do I even have the gift or talent to achieve something. But the anchor text, which is found in Hebrews 11, says that “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen” assures us. It only means that everything is possible and is achievable if you completely put your faith in God. The speaker, Dr. Surapee Sorajjakool, further stated that there are certain ways we can achieve a mission. First, we have to identify our mission. We have to set it clear. Second, we appreciate having been given the privilege for the mission. We work for it and be committed. Thirdly, she suggested seeing ourselves on the success path. Belief and faith will make everything possible with constant prayer. And finally, she said we have to take a step back and allow other people to share the success we have accomplished. It may sometimes be hard to find ourselves doing what we were not used to, but if we only have faith like a mustard seed, we can even move mountains. Let us continue to pray for strength to pursue God’s mission. Here I am God, and please send me,” shared Ms. Jubilee Mantalaba, Kindergarten 3 Teacher Assistant. 

We praise God for the success of the 4-day online togetherness. We thank the organizers, leadership team, teachers, and staff for their hard work and invaluable contributions. 

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