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By: Theerakul Chitgresorn
Vice President, Student Council

Dear Administrators, Teachers, and Students, throughout our adolescence and developing years, we are always in a state of discovery to discover who we are and truly navigate our lives toward adulthood. Throughout this journey, one main driving force that drives us educates us, and guides us in the right direction is teachers. A teacher is more than an educator. A teacher encapsulates different roles and aspects of a person’s life. A teacher is a friend (a person we can always rely on), a mentor (a person who will always advise us to the best of our interest, to the right path), an instructor (a person who will pass on their everlasting knowledge), and lastly a parent (a person who we can always depend on). A teacher will be the person who will scoop us up, dust us off, and get us back on our feet whenever we fall. A teacher will be the one who will lift us and cheer us up whenever we are down.

Today, we celebrate, honor, and show gratitude to the teachers who have guided us through this journey, for educating us, and for always being there through difficult times. Today, with the support from all the students, we thank you for always being there and supporting us, being a guide, a mentor, an educator, a parent, and a friend. You have given us and shown us a good example that we can embody and lead our lives and continue this journey. We thank you once again for all you have done for us for giving us the motivation to dream, learn, and constantly improve as the students continue to grow and morph their path to success, all from your help. God Bless

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