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By: Phuwadej Temkijrungrueng

The EIS Student Council gathered on one platform students interested in exploring non-academic achievements and activities through the Virtual Club Expo held on October 11, 12, and 14, 2021, via Zoom.  Officers of Start-up Club, Speech and Presentation Club, Skills Club, Chess Club, Arts Alive Club, Engineering Club, MUN Club, STEM Club, Japanese Club, Indian Culture Club, Film Club, Drama Club, Study Club, Debate Club, Glee Club, Business Club, Coding Club, Food and Health Club, Design Club came prepared with their club portfolio to entice the high school students to become members of their clubs. 

Moreover, it is an event full of numerous clubs in our school that high school students can merrily join. There are many fascinating presentations by club officers that the students can choose. Multiple people crave to participate because they want to find exciting clubs that suit them and their passions to use this chance to hone their skills.

There are no direct downsides to joining clubs since people get a certificate that will allow them to have a superior portfolio plus the out-of-classroom learning that each club offers. In addition, students who join will get the opportunity to practice their skills and sharpen them to the next level. This will likewise prepare them for their future careers, job, and life in general.

The Club Exposition is an excellent avenue for all to explore and improve life skills, love for science and arts, speaking and communication skills, a start-up in business, leadership, and many others.

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