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From the Academic Principal’s Office

At EIS there are four sections. Each of these plays a significant part in the development of the students. Each section builds on the other academically and yet each section is absolutely independent.  The Principals for each section mentor the teachers and they are well supported. At EIS we have a supportive culture, that is caring and inclusive in its approach and yet we respect diversity at all levels. 

Academically we have challenged the students to take the AP Programs, wear their hearts on their sleeves so as to give back to the community. The culture of giving to someone is well developed at all levels. The students and teachers get together to organize a sale of items based on the founding principles of business. The students are encouraged to give some of the proceeds to charity. The lower grades have small but effective community projects that teachers them to be team players. Students at EIS are empowered and inspired to serve not only the people within the school boundaries but they have a ripple effect even when they become alumni.

We also have a well-established the EISMUN club which has taken on the task of doing social work and giving back. The EISDebate club, has left its indelible mark on the stage of intellectual exchange and has been a proud recipient of many awards. The science club has and will continue to change the landscape of the school step by step.  When you join EIS you become part of a community that is always willing to inspire others to do well.

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