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Extra Curricula Activities at EIS

At EIS we believe that all work and no play will make our EIS students into not so interesting people hence we strive to have extra-curricular activities. Educator know that extra curricula activates contribute positively to a student’s overall development by fostering skills, social interactions, personal growth, cultural awareness, and providing enjoyment. They play a vital role in creating a well-rounded educational experience that goes beyond traditional academics.

  1. Pathfinder
  2. Summer Class
  3. Summer Camps
  4. Robotics
  5. SASA Summer After School Activates)
  6. ASA (After School Activates)
  7. Ice skating
  8. Badminton

As every person knows there is a child hidden in every person and when we encourage children to take part in extra curricula activities they blossom and exceed many expectations. Extra-curricular activities offer numerous benefits and enrich the educational experience in various ways. Extra-curricular activities provide opportunities for students to explore and cultivate their interests outside of the traditional academic curriculum. This helps in fostering well-rounded development and discovering hidden talents.

Not only do we at EIS offer extra activities woven into the tapestry of our curriculum but also in the summer.  We will be adding many more activities.  Please look out for more information about summer on the EIS website.

 AT EIS after a tiring day in the class we encourage our students to have a blast by registering for the various activites. They are fun filled and yet challlanging. 

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